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Buy Ben A Beer is a fundraiser that helps those working in British Columbia’s hospitality industry who face a financial crisis due to a medical condition. These are our friends, family members, or colleagues who serve us every day. By buying “Ben” a beer, you will help them in their time of need.

We all have a Ben (short for Beneficiary) in our life. They are the people who make our daily coffee at our favourite corner café; the people who take our bags to our hotel room; or the servers at your local pub or restaurant. Everyone knows a Ben, someone who would be missed when the unexpected happens.

In that spirit, starting at just $5.00, we want you to Buy Ben A (virtual) Beer. The proceeds of this fundraiser will help one Ben at a time. Share with your friends, post your own photos, and encourage others to buy the next round. #BuyBenABeer

Watch the Video Duration: 1min 25sec

Written and Directed by Justus Lowry / Rain Owl Pictures

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Donations so Far
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